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Eria Jarenesis – Next Gen Mood Elevator

For years now, supplement formulators and manufacturers around the globe have searched for a suitable replacement for the somewhat questionable (and sometimes banned) stimulant DMAA. Many compounds such as AMP Citrate, and even synephrine and higenamine when they first debuted, were billed “the next big thing” to come in and take the industry by storm.


Alas, none have ever quite lived up to the hype. And if they actually showed any sort of promise, they weren’t around long enough to really gain traction before receiving a ban on inclusion in dietary supplements.


However, a new stimulant has burst onto the scene recently, and for the first time in a long time, it appears there finally may be a true contender for replacing the king of all focus aids, DMAA.


It’s called Eria Jarensis extract, and you’re about to get a crash course in what it can do, so put your thinking caps on, because we’re about to wade into some pretty deep chemistry waters!



What is Eria Jarensis?


Eria Jarensis is a plant rich in a number of amines that delivers phenylethylamine (PEA) class substances. The two most prominent ones isolated in Eria Jarensis are N-methyl-phenethylamine (N-methyl-PEA) and N,N-dimethyl-phenethylamine (N,N-dimethyl-PEA).


The reason Eria Jarensis may seem somewhat unfamiliar is that only one 50 year old study titled Phenethylamines from Eria jarensis Ames: Studies on Orchidaceae alkaloids. XV, has mentioned the plant and its constituents:


“In most species of the genus Eria hitherto tested, a low alkaloid content has been detected. The first species investigated further, Eria jarensis Ames, has been shown to contain simple phenethylamine derivatives.


The base fraction consisted of N-methyl-phenethylamine (I) and N,N-dimethyl-phenethylamine (II). The mixture was treated with ketene and then analyzed by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The retention time of II (N,N-dimethyl-phenethylamine) and of the acetyl derivative of I (N-methyl-phenethylamine), as well as their mass spectra, were indistinguishable from those of authentic samples.”[1]

Outside of this one paper, very little has been done otherwise in regards to scientific studies or research trials.


How Does Eria Jarensis Work?


To understand how or precisely what Eria Jarensis does requires a little bit of background knowledge of PEA. To put it as simple as possible, PEA functions as a neuromodulator in the central nervous system. PEA is naturally occurring in the body, but it’s also frequently supplemented with due to its inherent mood-elevating properties.


PEA increases dopamine levels in the body and dopamine is the “feel-good” neurotransmitter in the brain.


So it seems that PEA is a pretty incredible ingredient until you realize that PEA’s mood-boosting effects last only around five minutes or so…


The question now is how do we get PEA’s effects to last longer?


Enter Eria Jarensis



As previously mentioned, Eria Jarensis is loaded with phenylethylamine (PEA) compounds: N-methyl-phenethylamine (N-methyl-PEA) and N,N-dimethyl-phenethylamine (N,N-dimethyl-PEA). Both of these compounds possess the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and function as neuromodulators in the central nervous system (CNS) where they significantly increase dopamine and noradrenaline levels (the feel-good neurotransmitters). Furthermore, due to the unique structure of the PEA compounds in Eria Jarensis, its actions last far longer in the body than regular PEA.


Dopamine and noradrenaline are known to enhance mood, motivation, concentration, and alertness while also imbuing the user with a strong feeling of euphoria. Anecdotal evidence even suggest it exerts a powerful appetite suppressing action, making it a potentially great fat-burning ingredient!



Eria Jarensis is an incredibly new and popular stimulant that provides a fantastic, and legal, alternative to DMAA. It’s great for elevating mood, improving focus, increasing motivation, and keeping hunger cravings in check.


The next generation of powerful feel good stimulants is here, and it’s headlined by Eria Jarensis. Experience the full power of Eria Jarensis each and every time you use AlphaOne Labs Obliter8, the premier DMHA Fat Burner on the market!




  1. Hedman, K; Studies on Orchidaceae Alkaloids. XV. Phenethylamines from Eria jarensis Ames.; Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Stockholm; October 14, 1969;


DMHA (Octodrine) – The New Successor to DMAA

If you’ve been following the supplement market closely, you no doubt have heard about a new-age stimulant that’s sweeping over the market. Sure, many of you know the regular players in the game like caffeine, synephrine, and like, and a few of you probably even have dabbled in the more “exotic” stimulants like DMAA or the now banned AMP Citrate.


However, nothing has garnered the attention of the masses like 2-amino-6-methylheptane, a.k.a. DMHA, since DMAA was first introduced to the market many years ago. If you’ve never experience the power of 2-amino-6 before, hold on as you’re about to get a crash course in it!

What Is 2-amino-6-methylheptane?


2-amino-6-methylheptane is a psychoactive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, also known as Octodrine, Dimethylhexylamine (DMHA) or 2-aminoisoheptane. There are a few others out there, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll refer to is DMHA for the remainder of this piece.


Although DHMA is relatively new to the market and slowly gaining traction in the pre-workout and thermogenic fat burner categories of sports supplements, it has actually been used before in the 1950s as a decongestant.


In terms of whether this ingredient is naturally occurring or not, research has identified several possible plants which the stimulant can be extracted from including: Kigelia Africana Extract or  Aconitum Kusnezoffii Extract. However, the likelihood of Aconitum being the primary source is extremely low given the high toxicity concerns of the plant.


It’s worth mentioning that there is another DMHA derivative out there named 2-amino-5-methylheptane which is extracted from Juglans Regia (Walnut Bark); however, it’s the much lesser used form of DMHA and won’t be encountered in supplements too frequently.

How Does DMHA Work?


DMHA is an aliphatic amine with a similar molecular structure to DMAA, and the now banned stimulants AMP Citrate (DMBA) and Ephedrine. Knowing this, we can begin to understand how DMHA functions, since there isn’t a ton of human research out there on the compound.

DMHA function similarly to other psychoactive central nervous system stimulants, primarily in its role as a monoamine releasing agent. Basically, this means that DMHA increases levels of certain monoamines, most notably dopamine and norepinephrine.  These two compounds exert many of the compounds for which stimulants are well associated with, namely enhanced mood (euphoria) and alertness (wakefulness)!


Additionally, anecdotal experiences with DMHA include increased energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, reduced appetite and improving bronchodilation (a.k.a. “easier breathing”). Lastly, some accounts even report lifters having a greater pain tolerance and decreased rate of perceived exertion, ultimately allowing you to push harder during your workouts leading to more gains!


The combination of effects experienced when using DMHA provide an unparalleled workout experience that only get amplified when used in conjunction with the rest of BZERQ’s NeuroStim Matrix.




Now that you understand what DMHA is, the next thing you’re probably wondering is how does it stack up to the godfather of exotic stims — DMAA?


It short, it feels good, really good. It packs all the focus of DMAA, but it doesn’t hit nearly as hard. Additionally, there’s much more of a euphoria that sets in with DMHA compared to DMAA. And, best of all, there’s no crash from DMHA as there is with DMAA or even high doses of caffeine, only a smooth transition off the stimulant “high.”


Basically, you’ll be more in the zone to get work done, happier doing it, and be more energized when tackling any job, no matter how big or small.


And for those of you wondering how it might compare to AMP Citrate, it’s not even close. DMHA blows AMP Citrate out of the water, by a mile. Couple that with the fact that AMP Citrate is now illegal, and it’s a no brainer!

Comparing Doses


No doubt you’ve seen a number of other products containing DMHA, but none quite pack the punch of BZERQ. Check out this chart to see how the competition stacks up against the king of DMHA pre workouts.



BZERQ Competitor #1 Competitor #2 Competitor #3
DMHA Content 200mg 125mg 185mg Undisclosed



As you can see, BZERQ’s dose is well above the competition, and packs an unrivaled sense of energy, focus, and mood. So when choosing which next-gen DMHA product to purchase, still with the one that delivers the goods and has nothing to hide with BZERQ!


By: Robert A. Schinetsky

OBLITER8 review by “Price Plow”

Source from Price Plow at: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/alphaone-labs-bzerq


For one reason or another, there aren’t a ton of great fat burners in powdered form out there. That’s about to change, but unfortunately not yet for all of our readers!

Today we’re taking a journey halfway across the world to Australia, where we find the dynamic minds behind AlphaOne Labs. Previously, we’ve discussed the brand’s DMHA-powered pre workout BZERQ, which we were fortunate enough to try (and it is awesome – you Ozzies are lucky to still have picamilon!). Now AlphaOne Labs returns with a DMHA-fueled fat burner.


Obliter8 is one of the most comprehensive thermogenic supplements on the market that not only sheds fat but will have you feeling great even on the lowest of low-calorie diets! And if you just need a potent energy drink, this fits the bill for that too!

Like BZERQ, this one’s not going to be in any American PricePlow stores yet, so see more details at Alpha One Labs’ website or keep reading for our analysis:

Obliter8 Ingredients

Obliter8 is unlike any fat burner you’ve most likely come across before. It combines the most popular and powerful stimulants around along with a healthy dose of lipolytic inducing agents. Hang onto your hats boys and girls, because you’re about to go on one wild ride!


Total Caffeine Yield = 249.5mg per scoop!

Important note before we begin, we must say that the total caffeine is 249.5mg per scoop(70mg from Green Tea Extract + 42 from Yerba Mate + 100mg of pure caffeine + 37.5mg from dicaffeine malate). So just because you see only “100mg caffeine” doesn’t mean that this is a weak supplement – there’s four different things providing caffeine here!


  • Mitochondrial Lipolytic Complex (2,700mg)
    • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (1,000mg)

L-Carnitine is a multi-faceted gem of an amino acid that possesses a number of benefits for the human body. Typically, most know it for its ability to enhance blood flow and limiting the amount of damage done to muscle fibers during high intensity exercise, thus reducing muscle soreness.

However, L-Carnitine also helps shuttle long-chain fatty acids (i.e. triglycerides) into mitochondria where it can then be oxidized to produce energy. Additionally, Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and suppress appetite as well.

Best of all, Obliter8 makes use of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT) which is one of the most bioavailable forms of Carnitine along with our next ingredients, which is…

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (500mg)

Our second form of carnitine is Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) which is one of the very few supplements on earth that has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).

Since it can cross the BBB, ALCAR has been shown to reduce mental fatigue, improve mood, and boost learning and cognition.

We’re not quite done with ALCAR yet though, as it also exerts a certain amount of fat-burning potential as well. When paired with caffeine (another one of the ingredients in Obliter8), the two works synergistically caffeine to increase “fatty acid dumping.” In this process, fatty acids are excreted by the body when cells are engaged in fat burning.


  • Peumus Boldo (500mg)

Commonly known as BoldinePeumus Boldo is a member of the Monimiaceae family of trees indigenous to Chile. The tree has a long history of use in traditional Chilean medicine as a remedy for liver and GI diseases.

Modern research into the plant has shown that it exerts anti-inflammatory effects as well as helps combat the proliferation of free radicals and oxidative stress.

This is an unconventional ingredient that we’re encountering for the first time in a fat burner and will have to keep an eye out if it finds its way into other products on the market.

  • Green Coffee Extract (300mg)

Green Coffee Bean Extract (GBCE) is one of those ingredients with a somewhatcheckered past, shall we say. Initial studies with GCBE hailed it as a “successful” weight loss ingredient, but those have since been retracted on the basis they were biased by supplement manufacturers and confounded with other ingredients.

That doesn’t mean all GCBE extracts are bunk though. They are rich in chlorogenic acids, which do possess some proven benefits. It just so happens that Obliter8’s particular GCBE extract is standardized for 50% chlorogenic acids.

These compounds have been proven effective for lowering blood pressure and supporting heart health. Given the stimulant load here, we’re happy to take a blood pressure reliever here! So, it will impart some cardiovascular health effects but not much in the way of fat loss.


  • Choline Bitartrate (200mg)

Most often, Choline shows up in pre workouts as a means to improve focus and the “mind-muscle” connection. But, this powerful compound also enhances the body’s uptake and transport of carnitine into cells.

When the two are combined, fat burning increases as does athletic performance, particularly sprint speed and overall volume of work performed.

How exactly does Choline work with Carnitine you may wonder? Well, it turns out choline augments the effects of L-Carnitine by preventing the body from excreting it through the urine.This prolongs the amount of time both ingredients are in the bloodstream, thereby increasing their effectiveness which translates into better fat burning for longer periods of time.


  • AlphaOne Neuro-Elevate Matrix (850mg)
    • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Shifting away from the fat burning ingredients to more focus-based ingredients brings us to N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT), a more stable and bioavailable form of the non-essential amino acid L-Tyrosine. NALT boosts the production of two highly important neurotransmitters in the body, noradrenaline and dopamine. These two work together to heighten focus, cognition, and overall mood while also reducing signs of stress and anxiety.


  • L-Tryptophan

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is converted to serotonin, which is then metabolized into melatonin. This increases serotonin production, which improves mood and ultimately help those who are always stressed or have trouble winding down at night. One study showed that when the brain is depleted of tryptophan, serotonin levels go down, bringing mood down with it.

So if you’re one of those people who always tend to feel bummed out, especially when dieting, this is the ingredient for you!

On to the heavy hitters!

2-amino-6-methylheptane, a.k.a.DMHA, has been the stimulant of the year in 2016. You’ll also find it under a few other names, which you can read about in our in-depth DMHA write-up.

DMHA is a type of naturally-occurring aliphatic amine], similar to the very popular DMAA. It’s also found in AlphaOne Labs BZERQ pre workout. DMHA provides a significant boost in energy and focus, but where this ingredient really shines is in the mood-elevation department.

Other uses for DMHA include medical applications where it’s been used to reduce high cholesterol and lipid levels, as well as treat diabetes.

  • N-Methyl L-Tyramine

N-Methyl-L-Tyramine (NMT) is beta-2 adrenergic agonist in the body that ignites body’s “fight or flight” response. It corrals fatty acids to be used for energy as well as increase adrenaline production. In fact, research has shown that NMT is approximately 1/140th as potent as adrenaline[26], meaning you’ll be energetic even on poverty macros.

  • Theobromine

One of the best “feel good” ingredients around, theobromine is the primary reason you feel a mini sense of euphoria each time you eat a piece of ultra-high quality dark chocolate. It’s incredibly similar to caffeine, dubbed by many as caffeine’s “younger brother.”

Theobromine acts as a CNS stimulant though not quite as potent as caffeine. However, the energy derived from theobromine is much smoother and longer-lasting than it’s harsher and faster acting brother..



To go along with 2016’s headlining stimulant DMHA, we also have Eria Jarensis extract. This is yet another breakout stimulant, but this is more of a PEA-like molecule that has a wonderfully nice euphoric effect.

Eria Jarensis is extracted for its N-phenethyldimethylamine content, and has found a way of creeping into some of our top pre workouts. The science of how it works can get a little techy, but if you’re really interested in learning the specifics, checkout our in depth write up: Eria Jarensis Extract / N-phenethyl dimethylamine: The Next Big Thing?

Two PEA-backboned ingredients in one product?!

Interestingly, this is the second supplement in two days here on the blog containing the DMHA + Eria Jarensis combo, following our RedCon1 Total War write-up from yesterday. Are these two companies on to the next great feel-good stimulant cocktail? Only one way to find out…


  • Quad-Stim Energy Matrix (600mg)
    • Green Tea Extract (350mg)

Green Tea extract has long been praised for its cardiovascular system benefits. This is in part due to its high polyphenol and catechin content, the most notable catechin being EGCG.

Health benefits aside, green tea is also beneficial for fat burning thanks primarily to EGCG’s role in boosting lipolytic actions in the body. Additionally, you’ll also receive a slight energy boost from the minimal amount of caffeine contained in it. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty more energy to come!

As discussed above, this level of green tea extract adds in 70mg of caffeine! This is one of the more potent green tea extracts we’ve seen.


  • Yerba Mate (100mg)

Yerba mate is one of the “trendy” new ways people have been getting their caffeine as of late. It’s a member of the holly family and typically used to make a type of tea.

The important takeaway from Yerba Mate is that it combines the healthful polyphenols found in tea with the caffeinated kick of coffee. This is a great 1-2 combo that we see having loads more research to surface in the near future.

Alpha One Labs has stated that 42mg caffeine is coming from the Yerba Mate


  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg)

In this cavalcade of stimulants and mood boosters, it may seem somewhat boring to have regular old caffeine, but there’s no getting around the fact that this ingredient just flat out rocks when it comes to boosting energy, performance and fat loss.

The really great thing about Obliter8 is that it doesn’t go overboard on the caffeine dose, like some many other fat burners do. A nice hit of 100mg of pure caffeine is about 8 oz of drip coffee and the perfect amount to get you going on a slow day.

  • Di-Caffeine Malate (50mg)

Our second form of caffeine comes in the form of a slower, time-released caffeine in dicaffeine malate. This ingredient is a combination of caffeine and malic acid that provides a more prolonged release resulting in less jitters and a smoother more, sustained energy throughout the day.

50mg of Dicaffeine Malate provides 37.5mg caffeine, so we’re finally up to our total dose of 249.5mg caffeine total.

Alpha One Labs recommends starting at half a scoop to assess tolerance – don’t be fooled by that “100mg caffeine and 50mg di-caffeine malate” listed on the label – we can’t forget about what we’re getting from yerba and green tea!

We’ve personally come to love the combo of regular caffeine and di-caffeine malate in several pre workouts we’ve tried and are glad to see this pairing show up in fat burners.

When looking for proven stimulant-free fat loss ingredients, it doesn’t get much better than Coleus Forskohlii. You’ll find all kinds of different extracts of this ingredient, fortunately Obliter8 clearly states that their particular extract is standardized for 20% Forskolin.

Forskolin has been proven through numerous trials to induce fat loss while at the same time preserving, and even increasing, muscle mass in dieters.

Forskolin is able to accomplish this by increasing cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) levels in the body. Greater amounts of cAMP in the body mimic the effects of exercise in terms of the action of mitochondrial enzymes in the body.[33] This results in elevated muscle protein synthesis in the body, which is incredibly beneficial on a cut or recomp venture.


  • White Willow Bark (75mg)

White Willow Bark has long been used in traditional medicine as a natural pain reliever, namely because the plant contains a precursor to aspirin. As you’re well aware, when dieting the body’s ability to recover is severely diminished leading to a general sense of achiness all over. White Willow helps combat these aches and pains.

Furthermore, white willow also exerts some anti-inflammatory properties, but the main reason it’s here is because it’s the natural source of aspirin precursor, salicylic acid.


Replacing the ECA stack

There’s long been a battle to replace the ECA stack, as discussed on our best fat burnerpage. Whereas the new-age ephedra-based fat burners are using a combination of DMAA and acacia rigidula alongside caffeine, Obliter8 is using DMHA, white willow bark, and norcoclaurine (the next ingredient) to complement caffeine. A brilliant fat-fighting combination to compete!


  • Norcoclaurine HCl (25mg)

Norcoclaurine, a.k.a. Higenamine, is extracted from the Nandia plant and was originally used in traditional medicine as an anti-asthmatic. In recent times, norcoclaurine has been included used in fat burners and pre workouts since it mimics the effects of the now banned ephedrine.

Similar to ephedrine, norcoclaurine is a beta receptor agonist, which increases  noradrenaline production and therefore stimulates the “fight or flight” response.This ultimately leads to greater concentration, heightened focus, and the mobilization of stored fatty acids for use as energy.


  • Hordenine (25mg)

Hordenine is a bioactive alkaloid found in Citrus Aurantium (a.k.a. bitter orange) that functions as a beta-2 adrenergic agonist. This means that Hordenine not only increases energy, but also focus.

The reason being that Hordenine also functions as a noradrenaline reuptake modulator, which is a fancy way of stating that hordenine helps noradrenaline stay active longer in the body.


  • BioPerine® (5mg)

Finally, we have the well-known black pepper extract BioPerine®. Given the enormous amount of actives in Obliter8, it only makes sense to include an ingredient that improves the absorption of all the other ingredients in it. This ensures nothing goes to waste, and you get the most fat burning “bang” for your buck.

Flavors Available

When Obliter8 debuts in Australia, it will come in two interesting flavors: Grape Rush and Blueberry Bliss.


Bring this to the US?!

There hasn’t been any confirmation of a domestic release yet, but we expect (or at least hope) that will change in the very near future.


Wow – talk about a loaded fat burning powder. We don’t often see them with this many ingredients. And we must continue to stress that there’s nearly 250mg caffeine in here, so don’t be fooled by the label! Start light!

Obliter8 is a truly one of a kind fat burner that seems to cover just about every aspect you’d want in this type of supplement. You’ll see increased energy, fat burning, mood, and focus all in a single scoop. So if you want “pre workout strength” but in “powdered fat burner” form – not needing any of the other workout enhancers that can add cost to other products – you may have found their proverbial golden ticket.

Make sure to sign up below for when this beauty lands on U.S. store shelves, until then, you’ll just have to possibly import it from our Aussie friends down under!


Source from Price Plow at: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/alphaone-labs-bzerq


BZERQ review by “Price Plow”

Full review at: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/alphaone-labs-bzerq


You may have noticed that we’ve had some pretty potent pre workouts populating the blog lately. Well the week is early, so here’s another strong pre workout power to get going!

Today, we feature another upstart brand from Down Under that’s looking to make the jump to the big leagues very soon. AlphaOne Labs is a young company that’s got quite a knockout on their hands with their very first product, a pre workout calledBZERQ.

It includes DMHA, which is legal in Australia (whereas DMAA isn’t), so all of our Ozzies and Kiwis out there are sure to love this one!!

This one’s not going to be in any PricePlow stores just yet, but you can check it out on Alpha One Labs’ website:

Now let’s get to it – we’re going mostly for focus and energy here, but there’s also some pumps and endurance to discuss too.


For information on all the ingredients used head over to https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/alphaone-labs-bzerq



The real magic to BZERQ will be in its rather potent stim blend that’s certain to give you the energy, motivation, and focus needed to get in the gym and crush some iron.

If you’re an experienced supplement user in Australia or New Zealand and you haven’t tried DMHA yet, it’s time to give it a go, and BZERQ is a super fine option.

We’ve got a few units headed our way courtesy of AlphaOne Labs and will be able to give you a detailed walkthrough on just what to expect when it gets a domestic release.