To be Alpha is to lead and to strive for absolute perfection. At Alpha One Labs, we apply the same thinking to our range of sports products: constant research, testing and redevelopment so we can deliver a game-changing formula that unleashes power with precision.

 Our customers are those who live out their Alpha, and our job is to be the unfair advantage that constantly enables that in the gym, in the work place or anywhere one goes.

My name is Daniel Crimi, I am a Sydney-based entrepreneur with a degree in Medical Science and 10 years of experience within the supplement industry. My team and I identified an opening in the market due to the 2012 regulatory shift towards the ingredient DMAA, as well as a general lack of creativity in the supplement market. Armed with our star new DMAA-like ingredient, DMHA, and 3 years of experimentation in our labs, we finally released our premium range in 2016. Our team invites you to test us, to test yourself and unleash the Alpha within.


Daniel Crimi - Founder & CEO